My initial starting point for this project was bags and early on I drew inspiration from looking at paper and calico prototypes of designer bags. From here I started to create my own bags, first with paper and then moving onto other various materials such as bubble-wrap and dough. I then grew interested in tying in ideas of conspicuous consumption with actual physical consumption and began to make silicone and latex molds from a bag. I filled these molds with chocolate, and only when I begin experimenting with pouring plaster into the interior of bags did I think to use plaster in my molds, too.

The main silicone mold that has been used to produce the Chanel plaster bags suffered from holes and tears, leading to areas of plaster build-up, which in some ways makes it a lot closer to a fake since they also have "flaws" within them, and some producers of fakes take liberties with the actual design. These bags were then painted with gold and black enamel paint, put into bin liner dustbags and packed in a box ready for shipping.