Whilst researching consumption and brand loyalty, I came across Kyoichi Tsuzuki's "Happy Victims" photo series. The "happy victims" were Japanese collectors who had spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, collecting things from a particular brand (some were so obsessive they didn't dare eat or drink in their apartments) and I was fascinated with the obsessiveness of some people.

I met Beni on The Purse Forum and after seeing her collection I knew instantly that I wanted her to be a part of my project. By some sheer stroke of luck, she agreed with her stipulating that she did not want to be filmed, nor did she want her voice used. This film is the end result and features the most part of an incredible collection of 218 bags, with a guest appearance by some 400 pairs of shoes. Whilst Beni has an astonishing number of bags, she is not obsessed like the "happy victims" in Tsuzuki's work, she does admit that "it's not just bags, I'm just excessive!"

Some additional filming by Tiffanni Trench.